Dog Allergies

Dog Breeds Susceptible to Allergies

There are some dog breeds that are more susceptible to allergies than others.  This is important to know  in case you are wanting a dog that has less of a chance of having medical problems.  Any dog can attract fleas and have the same problems these dogs do, but they are less likely to have the extra problems that come with allergies.

Bulldog breeds


Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever

Allergies That Occur in Dogs

Dog Scratching its backDogs can have many of the same allergies you or I have.  Many times, the allergen is something inhaled like dust mites, mold or pollen.  Unlike you and me, however, dogs tend to react to these allergies on their skin.  To be able to tell if the skin reaction is because of allergies or if it's a skin disease is to watch what time of year the dog seems to react.  Also, take notice of what your dog has been into around the time they reacted, this can be a good indicator of whether it's an allergy or not.  Another way dog

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